An association dedicated to the Pilates method

About us

  1. We are a non-profit association dedicated to the Pilates method. In Switzerland, the name "Pilates" is currently not protected by a patent and therefore anyone can teach Pilates. As a result, there are large differences in the level and quality of education provided. Pilatessuisse is committed and strives to meet the highest quality standards and to defend the integrity and professionalism of the Pilates method. By developing guidelines and quality standards, the federation intends to offer clients as well as aspiring Pilates trainers a choice of Pilates studios and trainers who can offer robust professional Pilates training. Pilatessuisse encourages professional exchange between its members. Through ongoing training, workshops and regular exchanges, the federation aspires to security guarantee, public relations and mutual support. We strive to obtain official recognition of the Pilates method for our members by public authorities, insurance companies and other known bodies.

Overview of accessions

Three different accessions are possible

 Individual membership

 Designed for trained Pilates teachers who can justify knowledge of the complete Pilates method, as well as the methodology. The training certificate must include the requirements of the Pilatessuissse Teacher Training Program guidelines. 

 Studio Membership

 Studio membership allows individuals who run their own studios and are full members of the Pilatessuisse to make optimal use of the committee and its public occasions for their positioning within the Pilates sector. Studio membership does not entitle you to an additional voting right in addition to full individual membership.

 Student Membership

 Provisional membership is for people who do not yet meet all the conditions for full membership (e.g. because they are still in training). As soon as all the conditions are met, full membership may be applied.


Stay informed

Merry Christmas

 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2024 full of joy, prosperity and success.

Contract with QualiCert

 We are proud to announce that the we have officially signed a contract with Qualicert. This partnership demonstrates our commitment to maintaining the highest standards.

New website

Our new website is now online. Take a look on it and we are open with suggestions. 

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